Pakopeli Kouvolassa




The Kouvola Escape Room has two playing rooms. The themes of the games are renewed about once a year. The current themes are presented on the page “The Rooms”.
At the moment, 2 groups can play at the same time.
There must be at least 2 players. The recommended team size in both rooms is 3–6 players.
Payment is made at the Escape Room. Payment methods accepted by Kouvola Escape Room are cash, bank card, Visa and Mastercard, Kouvola Escape Room gift voucher, ePassi, Eazybreak and Smartum culture, mobile and saldo.
Escape room games are often part of a fun night out. We reserve the right to deny entrance to the rooms for players who are too “merry”, but we have no zero-tolerance policy.
The escape rooms are situated in the basement of the Hupi ja Juhla business premises, and unfortunately there is no access by lift there. It may be difficult to move in the rooms in a wheelchair.
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