You and your friends have ended up in a prison cell in Kouvola. You’re convinced it must be some sort of misunderstanding. But you have overheard the authorities saying that definite evidence of your guilt will be found. You suspect somebody is trying to frame you as guilty.
You’ve also heard that somebody called “Pena” has once escaped from this cell, leaving the same route open for others. You now have an hour to find your way out of the cell and so prevent being framed.


Will you be able to follow the footsteps of Pena?

The game is suitable for children over the age of 10, in the company of adults



A messy pile of papers and an empty test tube rack is all that is left on the lab table after Professor Myski-Bransonen has abandoned the room. As a consequence of a strange incident last week, the professor fired his entire research group, and that same night Myski-Bransonen managed to poison one of Europe’s most significant drinking water reservoirs.


Now the professor has vanished into thin air, and the water must be cleaned quickly. The recipe for the antidote needed is in the lab’s secret safe. The International Water Protection Organisation has sent its investigators to the lab, but the safe and its contents will be destroyed in exactly 60 minutes.


Can your team locate the safe and manage to open it before it is too late?


The game is suitable for children from the age of 7 in the company of adults. Larger groups of children – such as birthday parties – from 10 years, accompanied by at least one adult.


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